Premium kkelp liquid kelp concentrate a Australian Organic Fertiliser in Avezzano

Organic Fertilizers in Avezzano

K-Kelp is a concentrated organic liquid enriched with potassium, produced from Southern Australia algae. It is to be used before and after transplantation and also subsequently. It is available in 5 and 10 liter drums. It is a patented product certified by NASAA: National Association For Sustainable Agriculture Australia Limited.


The analysis of K-kelp carried out by accredited laboratories reveals its composition as follows:
  • nitrogen 0.05
  • phosphorus 0.05
  • potassium 3.7
  • sulfate 1.3
  • Football 0.05
  • amino acids 14
  • Seaweed extracts (Durvillaea potatorum)
  • PH 9.2


K-kelp is suitable for use before and after the transplant and every 15 days. Its main advantages are:
  • Revitalizes the soil
  • Improves the vigor of the plants
  • Improves the color of plants and fruits
  • Combats plant stress
  • Reduces infestations of fungi and nematodes in the soil
  • Reduces the chemical fertilizer requirements
  • Increases the specific weight of the fruit or of the head
  • Increases resistance to cold and to stress
  • Increases the assimilation of all elements and trace elements stuck in the ground.
  • SignificantLY decreases the salinity of the soilalong with stabilizing the pH around neutral

Per Hectare Treatment Doses

  • Fertigation: from 5-7 liters
  • For foliar: 2-5 liters

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