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Organic Fertilizer in Avezzano

The flagship product of the Australian Organic Fertilizer is the Leonardite. It is a natural organic fertilizer extracted from an Australian coal that contains only organic and natural components. This product is patented and certified by NASAA: National Association For Sustainable Agriculture Australia Limited.


The analysis of Leonardite carried out by accredited laboratories reveals its composition as follows:
  • Organic substance as it is 26%
  • As a percentage of dry weight:
  • organic matter 85%
  • Humidified organic matter in % on the substance
  • Organic 89%
  • Organic nitrogen 0.7%
  • Ratio c / n 75
  • ph 10.9
  • Parts per million boron 34.6%


This product is suitable for all types of crops: vegetables, flowers, fruits and plants. With its high content of humic and fulvic acids, it makes all the macro and micro elements stuck in the ground, available to the plant, halving the need for fertilizers and enriching it with organic matter. It also confers to the plants a considerable resistance to various diseases. It is a very good fertilizer and must be used alone. Any chemical fertigation should be separated by at least one day.
We see the main advantages of Leonardite as:
  • It revitalizes the soil
  • It improves the vigor of the plants
  • It improves the color and flavor of plants and fruits
  • It flights plant stress
  • It reduces infestations of fungi and nematodes in the soil
  • It reduces the chemical fertilizer requirements
  • It improves resistance to all diseases (Botrytis, powdery mildew, downy mildew, sore foot, etc.) including those of the roots and nematodes
  • It increases the specific weight of the fruit or of the head
  • It increases resistance to cold and stress
  • It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers
  • It increases the assimilation of all elements and trace elements stuck in the ground
  • It significantly decreases the salinity of the soil  along with stabilizing the pH around neutral


From 10 to 30 kg per hectare distributed in 2/3 lots depending on the crop and soil type.

Looking for a biological fertilizer for your crops? Write us to on versaceleonardite@tiscali.it for information

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