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High-performance Liquid Fertilizer

Mega Kel-P is a liquid fertilizer, stimulating organic and natural growth, produced from South Australian algae. It is suitable for use during transplantation and during flowering as it promotes the issuance of the roots. It is patented and certified by NASAA: National Association For Sustainable Agriculture Australia Limited.


The analysis of Mega Kel-P carried out by accredited laboratories reveals its composition as follows:
  • nitrogen 4.0
  • phosphorus 9.0
  • potassium 2.1
  • sulfate 2.7
  • Football 0.13
  • 1.30 mg
  • Mn 1.90
  • Zn 1.30
  • Fe 0.18
  • Boro 0.22
  • amino acids 19
  • Seaweed extracts (Durvillaea potatorum)
  • PH 2,1


Mega Kel-P is the right product to use during transplantation and flowering as it promotes the emission of roots in an exceptional way, stimulates flowering and fruit set. In addition to the high content of phosphorus, it also contains natural hormones and trace elements. It's main advantages are:
  • It provides rapid and complete nutrition for plant
  • It favors the issuance of the roots
  • It acts on cell division favoring fruit enlargement
  • It increases bacterial population of the soil 
  • It promotes vegetative growth after hail and frostInlocks all the elements of the soil making them available to plants
  • It improves the color and flavor of the fruits and flowers,
  • It improves resistance to all diseases (Botrytis, powdery mildew, downy mildew, sore foot, etc.) including those of the roots and nematodes
  • It increases the specific weight of the fruit or of the head
  • It increases plant resistance to cold and stress
  • It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers
  • It increases the assimilation of all elements and trace elements stuck in the ground
  • It enables significant decrease in the salinity of the soil and stabilizes the pH around neutral

Per Hectare Treatment Doses

  • Fertigation: from 5-10 liters
  • For foliar: 1-2 liters

Product for rapid emission of roots available in Via Nazario Sauro 27 in Avezzano

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